Toomey Sports Running Center

Personal Training

Every athlete has an Achilles heel.  Runners could have an actual Achilles heel!  And that's why we offer personal training to create a complete athlete - strong and flexible, fast but with endurance.  Our personal training exercises will keep you well-balanced and ready to perform at optimal levels.

In addition to your running program, it is important to include strength training and plyometric exercises into your routine to prevent injuries, enhance muscle endurance, prevent muscle imbalances, and develop speed and acceleration.  Personal training sessions are available for a half-hour or hour long sessions to complement your running program.

Strength training is a key component in preventing injuries.  Strength training exercises are designed to prevent muscle imbalances and improve weak joints and muscles. Particular exercises will be prescribed to increase muscle endurance, designed specifically to improve your running.  This muscle endurance allows a runner to run longer and stronger, minimizing fatigue and improving running efficiency. 

Plyometric exercises are specific, lower-body exercises that strengthen joints, increase lower-body strength, and generate speed and power, which all translate into increased running performance.  Specifically, plyometrics help improve the speed of muscle contraction, which translates to better overall quickness.  Plyometric exercises include skipping, hopping, and bounding. 

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